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5 Reasons Not to Buy Fake Amazon Reviews

Fake Amazon Reviews.
Fake Amazon Reviews.

5 reasons not to buy fake amazon reviews: if it is imperative for sellers to distinguish themselves on popular eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay or Alibaba, it is critical they quickly maximise their product visibility without breaking house rules or buyers’ trust.

Amazon is one of the top rated eCommerce platforms with over 310 million trusted customers worldwide.  Over 2 million third party sellers are making money from this mostly highly trusted network.

consumers read online reviews

consumers read online reviews

Since 1995, the year Amazon started to invite their customers to share their buying experiences on the site product pages, many bogus and organized reviewers have posted dishonest and fictitious writes ups. Unarguably, fake reviews often have a big negative impact on a brand’s image as they directly harm the trust of the buyers.

This is why Amazon has recently decided to take a strict legal action against all those who are buying or writing fake reviews online. The site has now officially banned paid reviews and Amazon started to sue sellers for buying fake Amazon reviews: This move was a big warning sign for all those who are trying to manipulate trust of online buyers.

Amazon Sues Sellers Buying Fake Reviews

Amazon Sues Sellers Buying Fake Reviews

Although many sellers and fake review writers are still protesting against this decision, and for that matter many are still offering free products to genuine top reviewers in exchange of ‘unbiased reviews’, there are few genuine reasons not to buy fake Amazon reviews. Some of them are listed as below:

1. Amazon can ban the seller for life

Amazon has now decided to take strict action against all those who are trying to write fake reviews about products listed on Amazon pages. Still, if you try to buy such fake reviews and they are detected on your product page, Amazon is definitely going to take a strict action against the seller. They can even ban the seller for life. So instead of adopting quick and dirty methods to boost your sales online, it is recommended to build a positive, trusted image on Amazon which will give the seller the opportunity to take advantage of the forever growing popularity of the platform.

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2. Amazon can sue you for all the damages

Publishing fake Amazon reviews is not always the matter of business promotion; sometimes it can be harmful to someone’s life as well. For example, you could be selling a consumable product online and the many fake reviews highlighting its ‘top’ quality or taste are helping you to generate a high volume of sales. Now, imagine the reputational impact for Amazon if any number of customers suffered a major health issue due to improper ingredient composition. This can be a life-threatening incident and it would evidently cause big trouble to the sellers too. In such cases, Amazon and the buyers both can take serious legal action against the seller and it may cause a big loss to their business.

3. It will hamper your brand reputation

Amazon is the biggest online selling network that supports a rather broad range of businesses, small and big brands on the same platform. But if some sellers keep on providing wrong information about products and keep on preying on the trust of the buyers, it could hamper the brand image and will cause loss of business to seller and Amazon as well. In such situation, Amazon is going to throw your brand out of its business community.

4. Amazon might swiftly delete the reviews

There is no doubt that Amazon is not going to tolerate fake product reviews on its platform. So even if you were investing a lot of money to buy Fake Amazon reviews, it will would be a total waste of money because Amazon will immediately remove it from its product pages. So instead of wasting your money on paid reviews, it is better to improve the quality of your products and proactively engage with your top influencers so that you can quickly build a trusted customer base.

5. It is all about trust

The growth of a business depends essentially upon trust between buyers and sellers. But if sellers start promoting their product with fake reviews, it will create a gap between both communities. By using fake reviews, you are going to harm the ethics of your business, which will never pay off in the long run.

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Do you agree with us on not to buy fake Amazon reviews? Or are you a big advocate for paid for, well-researched, well-articulated and ‘fair’ fake reviews?  We invite you to share your views in the comment section below.


  1. I might be naive but I did not realise that this was going on. I understood that on sites such as Trip Advisor this might happen as there is no proof of purchase, but I was led to believe that you had to have purchase with money an item form the seller. I am glad that Amazon is taking action against these fake reviews but I am unsure about how they would tell. I think it is very wrong of companies to do this, reviews are there to point out the negatives that the seller is not going to be honest about and back up the seller about the positive. I feel like you can’t trust anyone nowadays.

  2. As a frequent purchaser of online goods and services, I regularly read reviews. I tend to discount all the very good ones and all the very poor ones in fear that they are paid reviews or reviews written by competitors. I think that is is very sad that I need to do this and perhaps I am discounting the well deserved good reviews too. I wonder if there is a way that Amazon can only allow reviews from people who have paid money to the buyer? This way even the freebies where the person is going to be slightly bias due to receiving a free product can be got rid of.


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