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Top 10 Amazon Reviewers in the UK: Info, Insights and Tips

Top 10 Amazon Reviewers UK (2 without an avatar).
Top 10 Amazon Reviewers UK (2 without an avatar).

Our team put together a range of info and insights from the 10 amazon top reviewers UK. It includes some of their best amazon reviews and top tips to stand out from the millions of other amazon reviewers in the UK.

amazon reviews.

amazon reviews.

Unarguably, in only 20 years amazon successfully established itself as a true jaggernaut of the e-commerce world -with well over 300 million customers globally– thanks to the convenience it brought to the consumer market back in 1994, the quality of its customer service and the millions of amazon reviews from ‘real’ customers which are helping on daily basis millions of customers to make an informed purchase decision.

The Power of Amazon Reviews and the Voice of the Customer

User Generated Content.

User Generated Content.

Enjoying a ratio of user-generated content likely above 95% all across their websites also helps Amazon to score so well in search engines (SEO) like Google, Yahoo! or Microsoft’s Bing.

By the way, did you realise that Amazon was also the biggest product search engine in the world?  Yes, an Amazon SEO strategy is a thing.  And it is worth some big bucks.

Nevertheless with great power, or here influence, comes great responsibility.  If customer reviews can virtually make or break a product or a brand’s reputation, they can also damage the customer trust in amazon.  A couple of years ago, amazon had to deal publicly with the growing issue surrounding the volume of fake reviews bought on the cheap from specialised companies with poor business ethics based all over the world including third world countries.  Amazon started to both go after those companies and sue sellers for buying fake reviews.

We invite you to read our article: ‘5 Reasons Not To Buy Fake Amazon Reviews‘.

The Myth Surrounding the Amazon Top Reviewers

Mysterious Amazon Top Reviewers UK

Mysterious Amazon Top Reviewers UK

For some reason, there is an amount of hype and envy around those mysterious top amazon reviewers hidden being their sometime funky, sometime scarce avatars: who are those people?  How can they possibly find the time to write several reviews on daily basis?  Do they receive all those products for free?  How much money do they make?

One of the main question: How come they “get tons of free stuff“?  But do we, really?  Spoiler alert: despite having ranked as high as #16 on Amazon UK, I don’t.  But more on that later.

If you are keen to find out more about some of the most prolific, highest ranked Amazon reviewers of all time, I invite you to go through those burning questions and this behind the scene interview.

10 Amazon TOP Reviewers UK

In this article, I am aiming to give some well-deserved visibility and recognition to the current 10 most helpful amazon top  reviewers in the UK.  I’m also keen to identify a number of key characteristics and tips on how to achieve a similar level of success (glory?) on one of the most popular e-commerce website on Earth.  Possibly even the first trillion dollar company in the making.

You will find below the 10 top amazon reviewers UK as of 8th February 2018.

10 Amazon Top Reviewers UK.

10 Amazon Top Reviewers UK.

  1. Bruce@Overclockers Heaven
  2. Harmony
  3. Chris M
  4. Kev
  5. Sasha011
  6. Lewi
  7. Mr Baz
  8. Dr R. J. Collins
  9. Maggie
  10. Glis Glis

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