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16 YI 360 Camera Reviews and Samples

The front lens of the YI 360 vr camera dual lens.
The front lens of the YI 360 vr camera dual lens.

Those YI 360 camera reviews and samples demonstrate why it is one of the best quality consumer Virtual Reality cameras on the market.  It is also priced much lower than GoPro’s own VR device.

Some of the key features of the YI 360 camera.

Some of the key features of the YI 360 camera.

We curated some of the most insightful reviews, first impressions and video samples from a range of authoritative tech websites and passionate bloggers.

We invite you to stay tuned here on HelpfulAmazonReviews.com as we will also share our own impressions on the YI 360 VR camera in the next month or so.

Video Reviews and Samples

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  1. I have been dabbling with making Youtube videos recently. At one point I decided I had to use a GoPro to make the best videos on YouTube. However my mind was quickly changed when I borrowed my friends GoPro. I realised that for action shots it was great however for everyday talking to the camera, I found that my phone was just as good, if not better.
    I was very interested in the video review but feel that the 360 camera is only useful for me when filming in a beautiful spacious location rather than of me talking. It is something to consider in the future. Do you think 360 videos are going to become more popular for bloggers? or do you believe it more the informative content that they create?

    • Thank you Adam for sharing your views on 360 degree cameras. The YI 360 VR camera is unarguably one of the best options available to consumers now. Nevertheless, I don’t see that product category flying off the shelves anytime soon: those devices are still not super affordable, and the post-production could still prove time consuming and frustrating at times…

      • Thanks for your reply. I think I will make a 360 degree camera, a purchase to aim for in the future once I start making a bit of money through my YouTube videos and I have a little bit more experience in editing.

  2. I find it fascinating how technology has come a long from hand held video cameras with a big film in them. Now you can, make your own Google street view. I think this is a lovely idea for families who live far apart, so that they can share their experiences together. I also think this is something that would be a nice idea at special events such as weddings where there are people who can not make the special occasion but still want to view the service but control exactly what they see, from the people attending to the bride and groom. As for V-bloggers, I think it will make it more fun for the viewer to interact with.

    • Thanks Mark for your input. If 360 cameras are still not mainstream devices, the YI 360 VR camera is a super fun device to use.

  3. Ive been wanting to get a camera for making videos. currently ive been using my phone but I want to upgrade. These reviews are very helpful to me…..but im still not sure what to do..

  4. oh these will be big when the prices come down. Blogger and wedding especially. Im getting so many ideas of what I could do with this for my site. People will love this new interacting look.

  5. Although this camera sounds amazing, I think video cameras are becoming obsolete. Phone cameras are just as good nowadays. I guess the Youtubers are the people these are geared for.

  6. I got this for a present and i love it!! I used my phone before for videos but this camera is much better quality. more professional than a phone.


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