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myKronoz ZeTime Review After 48h

The side and crown of my ZeTime smartwatch by myKronoz.
The side and crown of my ZeTime smartwatch by myKronoz.

In early January 2018, myKronoz finally shipped me the ZeTime Premium I had pledged for on Kickstarter.  Here is my ZeTime smartwatch review after 48h: a very well-built, one of a kind smartwatch.

The Kronoz ZeTime Premium was the most funded hybrid smartwatch on Kickstarter and Indiegogo

The Kronoz ZeTime Premium is the most funded hybrid smartwatch on Kickstarter and Indiegogo

On their product page, myKronoz proudly mentions that their ZeTime smartwatch is the most funded hybrid smartwatch on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

And there is a good reason for this: in the plethora of Android wear devices and a range of arguably boringly-designed Apple Watches, it manages to differentiate itself by adding real watch hand on a smart face.

Unboxing the ZeTime Premium

Here is my short unboxing video.  Please note that my order came with two leather straps: a black crocodile and a blue versions.

ZeTime Smartwatch Review: my First Impressions After just 48h

You will find below my initial comments, the good and the not so good, after wearing the myKronoz ZeTime Premium for 48h.


  1. Parcel was nicely wrapped up
  2. Packaging’s exterior looks slick and the interior is beautifully laid out
  3. Good quality leather straps
  4. Heavy, premium looking and feeling body
  5. Charging was easy and relatively fast
  6. Pairing was fast and reliable: I didn’t loose connection once
  7. Buttons are ok and it is nice to have a functional rotating crown
  8. Finding the 2-year warranty & product swap card (only for orders via Kickstarter)

Not so good

  1. If the leather straps need to be broken, which is normal, I am not sure of their durability
  2. Charger is very light, feels cheap and flimsy, still with a micro USB port, offers no magnetic mechanism to secure the watch while charging, it won’t work with buckle straps
  3. Initial firmware update took a long while to download and install
  4. Navigation / user interface on the watch is not very intuitive
  5. Notifications are not actionable, which is not a problem for me
  6. Screen gets dirty very quickly
  7. Vibrations are not strong enough for me
  8. Modifications in the app could take a short while to save
  9. Not very comfortable to sleep with such a big watch

Here you have it.  But please don’t let my comprehensive ‘not so good’ list put you off buying this excellent traditional looking smartwatch.  So far, wearing it has been a truly enjoyable experience.  I invite you to watch more ZeTime Premium video reviews from real owners like myself.

In my opinion, this is the best smartwatch money can buy for the watch and tech lover, budget conscious business professional.

Overall, as you can tell in my ZeTime smartwatch review, I am most impressed with this smartwatch and I am likely to carry on wearing it for the foreseeable future.

Despite the imperfections of the ZeTime Premium, myKronos managed to tick all the boxes I personally value the most in a wearable including the design, battery life, reliable connection, and versatility (iOS and Android compatibility).

How compelling do YOU find the ZeTime smartwatch?  We invite you to share your thought in the comment section.

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