The Pixel Pals Superman is a cool pixel art lighting of one of the DC Comics superheroes fans’ favorites. Is it a bird? Is it a light?…

PDP: Performance Designed Products.

PDP: Performance Designed Products.

PDP, which stands for ‘Performance Designed Products’ is a US-based video game accessory manufacturer.

On their website, they proudly claim to be the leaders in the North America market, which is no small feat.

Pixel Pals: Light-Up Collectibles

Pixel Pals by PDP.

Pixel Pals by PDP.

I personally came across one of the many PDP’s brands, the Pixel Pals collection while watching a video on the well-known tech youtuber channel, Boored At Work.


Pixel Pals Collection

Pixel Pals Collection.

Pixel Pals Collection.

Pixel Pals is a rather broad collection of light-up collectibles which would appeal to retro gamers, music lover and movie fans.

From popular characters from the Mario universe, Street Figher, Mega Man, Mortal Kombat to DC Comics’ Batman and Superman.

Pixel Pals Superman

Pixel Pals Superman.

Pixel Pals Superman.

Unarguably, Superman is one of the most iconic DC Comics superheroes of all time.  Since its creation by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster back in 1933, the superheroe from Kripton has been featured in countless numbers of comic books, movies, video games and merchandising.

This Superman collectible is one of the coolest Pixel Pals from the DC Comics collection.


Superman Specifications

Pixel Pals Superman Superman
Price £16.66
Reviews 34
Ratings 4.7
Series / Game DC Comics
Character options Batman, Joker, The Flash, Superman & Wonder Woman
Officially Licensed By Warner Bros
Item Dimensions 4 x 10 x 15 cm
Item Weight 159 g
Batteries 2 AAA

Are you a DC Comics fan into Superman or Batman?  We invite you to share your thoughts on the Pixel Pals Superman collectible in the comment section below.

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