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Star Wars SFX Lightsaber Torch Light Review

Overall, I believe that any Star Wars fans -especially the younger ones- will love this lightsaber torch almost essentially for the super cool sound the device makes. Should the design had included a bit more metal and at least another actionable button, it would have been a 5 stars for me.
This is a short video review of the fun 'Star Wars Ligthsaber SFX Torch' which is one of the top 5 purchase recommendations from my best Star Wars Gift 2015 video guide.

The Star Wars SFX lightsaber torch light is a cool lightsaber replica producing fun sounds.  It is mainly let down by its cheap plastic build.

If you want to please a Star Wars fan, it’s hard to beat merchandising based on R2-D2 -and now the ultra cute BB8- or a jedi’s lightsaber! This Star Wars Lightsaber torch looked awesome and the price wasn’t too prohibitive, so I decided to purchase it as a Christmas present.

My first reaction, while still in the box, was one of excitement: this item really looks like a lightsaber. But the general build quality (solely plastic) and the only one actionable button made me feel rather disappointed initially… only to warm up to this product from the moment I switched it on: the sound is totally realistic (on and off) and the intensity of the torch is ok.

Realistically, the overall built quality of this product deserves a low 2 out of 5 stars.

I invite you to watch my full 5-minute video review of the Star Wars Lightsaber SFX Torch here on Amazon or in gorgeous 4K on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLf3CHtbmk4


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