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Our collection of 5 fun Pixel Pals figures on Amazon.

5 Fun Pixel Pals on Amazon

The Pixel Pals Amazon collectibles are a collection of cool pixel art lighting in the shape and form of beloved video game, comic book and movie characters. From Mario and Luigi, Superman and Batman, ...Read More

My review of the Star Wars Lightsaber Torch Light. 3.8 Good

Star Wars Lightsaber Torch Light

The Star Wars SFX lightsaber torch light is a cool lightsaber replica producing fun sounds. But how nice and durable is its plastic build?

My video review of the Star Wars Funko Pop BB8 figure.

Star Wars Funko Pop BB8 Review

This is a short video review of the awesome 'Funko Pop Star Wars BB8 Figure' which is one of the top 5 purchase recommendations from my best Star Wars Gift 2015 video guide.

My video review of the Star Wars Funko Pop BB8 figure. 4.5 Great

Star Wars Funko Pop BB8 Toy

This small Star Wars Funko Pop BB8 toy will proudly stand out on any Star Wars fan's desk at home or in the office. Are you in team BB8 or team R2D2?

The face of the Jon Snow FUNKO POP Game of Thrones figure. 4.5 Great

Funko Pop Jon Snow Figure

This Funko Pop Jon Snow figure is one of the many fun game of thrones figures released by the popular multi-licensed figure manufacturer.

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